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The Olympic Heritage Collection


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I don't get it.

2 parts to this. the first is the new logo for Olympics Heritage. the second is that all of the old Olympics graphics packages are for 3rd parties to make "throwback designs" for apparel or whatever they want to do.

so, lets say Nike wants to put out a line of apparel commemorating the '64 Olympics. what they would work with now is a system of logos, graphics, fonts, colors, that have all been standardized and crafted to be as they were originally intended. the issue before, working with old files (if there even were any) is that there were no Pantone colors of standardization, or somehow in the process letters in a wordmark had lines that were not perfectly straight. now, all the logo systems are updated to modern standards.

what this agency did was gather a ton of old pieces from posters, flyers, jackets, keychains, whatever they could in order to make the adjustments, or some cases rebuild something from scratch. this was a huge undertaking that came out really, really great. its my favorite graphic design project of the year. really tremendous effort put into this

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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