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Oilers concept logos


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Once upon a time, the Oilers used in some capacity a logo/wordmark that looked like this.

Before I had ever seen that logo, I came up with an Oilers logo that looked very similar to my first one I have posted below, and displayed it on this board. I realized afterwards that this logo was eerily similar to the linked-to logo above. I have revisited these in my little way of supporting the Oilers in their annual playoff series against the Dallas Stars.

These logos are the result:


Copy&Paste this link to my first Edmonton Oilers concept if the remote link doesn't work.


Copy&Paste this link to my first Edmonton Oilers concept Version 2 if the remote link doesn't work.

I understand that this second logo may look even more like what they used once upon a time, but it was (and you have to trust me on this) not intentional, but as I was resizing the drop with respect to the sprocket, I found this worked really well, and after fiddling around with a few different chromatic positionings, I came to the above conclusion. If you want to consider it inferior because of its somewhat unoriginality, I agree with you. It's been done. But I kinda like it, nonetheless.

Please reply with any questions, suggestions, criticisms, or comments.

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Yes, the "old" logo is the current shoulder logo on the alt.  

I had done something a lot like your design # 1 when I first saw the alt main logo.  Then I saw the shoulder logo and saw how similar it was and scrapped it.  But I wouldn't scrap either of your logos.  They are much cleaner and nicer than what I did.  I like the second one a lot, but I like the first one more.  It is just more of a unit.  All the pieces just "fit" better.

Great work.

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Thanks everyone who responded. I didn't realize that about that being the shoulder logo on the alts, but now that you mention it, I remember.

Thanks again all for the kind words. I'd make a jersey to go along with it (I've even thought a bit about what it'd look like), but I'm overwhelmed right now with real life, and so I'll let you digest this one for a while before I churn out something else.

Any other questions, suggestions, criticisms, comments?

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