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Fantasy Football league logo


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I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. My fantasy football league is looking for a new logo. I'm stuck between the two of these. I need help picking the one that looks the best.

A little background about the logo. First, I wanted to do some sort of shield logo. Second, my high school mascot is the wolverines. So, I wanted to incorporate that in the logo too. I used the Michigan style helmet with my high school colors.

Please let me know which one is better or if I should scrap the whole thing and start over. Thanks!





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I used the same font without the stencil. I also added 2 more "laces" to the top of the logo. The red dashes are meant to symbolize the laces of a football. I believe there are 7 spaces on the laces. How does this look? Is something missing from the background behind the helmet or by the words Ellwood City? I also don't like the spacing in the word "Fantasy". Something with the letter A in that word.


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Guest darkpiranha

I see what you're going for with the minimalist Wolverine's helmet, but I don't think it's coming across as easily as it could. I have to really look at it to see the helmet shape. Right now, I see a bunch of white shapes. The Wolverine part of it looks more like buildings or something rising up from a hillside. Because the stripes get cut off by the banner, our brains don't automatically finish the shape like we would if the stripes were able to continue and fully conform to the shape of a helmet.

With that in mind, what does it look like if you just shrink the helmet enough to make it a full helmet?

Alternately, have you tried it where the facemask is essentially the bottom part of the shield (replacing the shield) and the Wolverine stripes emerge from the top? So you'd have the banner kind of like it is, with the mask and Wolverine shapes extending above and below forming the shield (with "Elwood City) placed inside the forehead part of the Wolverine stripes.

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