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EAG logo update (C&C Wanted)


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8 hours ago, PascalHugo said:

The idea is good but there are some things that can be improved .

The small bottom triskell is repetitive.

There is too little space between EAG and the edge.

And last thing , the foundation year should be put higher up.


Overall, the various elements of the new badge are kind of cramped. I agree with PascalHugo's assessments. Only thing I would mention is to make the top triskele smaller, too; give it some breathing room. May want to try a thicker border around the entire badge.

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2 hours ago, Frenchie said:

the weight of the 3 letters seems different to me.


Gonna have to agree with this. It seems like that the G has a heavier weight than the E or A. Better with the spacing, but only this time, scoot the E over just maybe 4 more clicks to the left.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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