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Conference Championship Banners


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I'm a big college basketball fan and I was pretty bored the other day, so I set up a template to make Conference Championship banners.


Since two teams have now won their tournaments, I thought I would share what I've made. I'll probably make these for all of the other conference champions too.


Here are Austin Peay and Yale!



If anyone has requests for previous years, let me know and I'll try to do those for you. I can probably also make signatures out of them.


Let me know what you guys think!

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After the thriller in the A-Sun, Here's Florida Gulf Coast, also known as Dunk City!



I also made versions of all of these with a gradient. I'm not sure which are better. What do you guys think?



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2 hours ago, timberwolf said:

The gradients seem more minor-league ish. The clean ones are fantastic.

Yeah I agree about the gradients. I was just testing them out to see how much it would change. Thanks for the kind words on the solid ones!

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2 hours ago, packerfan21396 said:

Shouldn't the upper portion of the 3D side portion of the G in FGCU be green rather than blue?

Yes. Thanks for pointing it out I didn't notice that. I'll fix that when I can get to my computer. 


1 hour ago, ICTknight said:

These look great but I would specify regular season/tournament champions.

Thank you! That's a good point but there just isn't too much space and these are pretty much geared towards teams making the NCAA tournament. I might try to add "Tourney" in there but it may not fit in all of them.

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Here are the next 7 conference champions! Here's Stony Brook, Hampton, Middle Tennessee, Southern, Fresno State, Kansas, and Buffalo. 7 more will come later tonight once games go final!



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