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2016 MLB Cap Logo Mashups


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Recently, just for fun, I wanted to see what all the different ball in glove cap logos that the Brewers are using this year would look like in one picture, so I made this mashup and posted it on social media:



Then, the big man himself, Chris Creamer, decided to retweet it and this received some likes and retweets of their own.  Then I saw it pop up again on the boards through TVIXX's profile pic, so I thought why not make every team? So I did...

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1 hour ago, KittSmith_95 said:

I'd love to use the Jays one as my profile pic, but it keeps saying the file is too big!


How do I fix this?

Wow, I didn't realize the image size limit was so small for a profile pic, I'll upload some smaller ones.

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10 hours ago, rsaline said:

Wow, the Padres need to calm down a bit. There are way to many different stripes on that mashup! Seriously though, these are pretty sweet!

Yeah, Mets, Padres, and Pirates have 10 caps this year.  Technically, the D-backs do as well, but 2 have the D logo, so they were omitted from the mashup.

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