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  1. The whole indentity screams "fine" to me. The name is fine. The new cap is fine (I like it much more than the current Block C personally). The wordmarks are fine. The G-Baseball logo is the worst aspect of this, but given that you had a name that would've led you in more creative directions & could've been a merch goldmine.... for this... it's kinda lame.
  2. I really like this. The "S" doesn't bug me, the logos are nice and now that I see the Helmet is still Yellow, I think the minimalistic approach works. The Antler Football is awesome too.
  3. I hope that Nets jersey is real. That's a great way to blend eras.
  4. The updated logo is great. Not a fan of the new "blurple", however. The older colour was soft and I liked it much more.
  5. Throwbacks hopefully means to the original set, which could be why they kept the old helmets. But 9 combinations has me intrigued and hoping the look isn't too busy.
  6. I just did this the other day with two ciders as while I have a go-to, I'm always willing to see if another brand can be just as good, or better: Neither was good as Grower's (my usual) IMO.....
  7. Honestly, it was a weird mish-mash of eras, and I might be alone on this, but I feel the Cavs had something with their previous City jersey minus the whole "CLE" thing: I do like the wine & gold variants of the Price era too, but I think this might be the direction to go in, with Black replacing Navy (I'd prefer Navy over Black, but do think it'd look okay in Black).
  8. Here's another logo pulled from the Appy League site, this one is the full woodchuck head:
  9. The all white look in that mockup needs orange socks.
  10. I like these. This is how you do simplistic jersey design. I want to see the oants and sock options, as well as the whites, but everything looks nice.
  11. I believe they'll debut in March from what I can recall. Hoping that Raptors "leak" wasn't legit.
  12. Proto Weagle is a great logo, and these are great uniforms to match.
  13. Happy to see that we're getting new jerseys for Cincy. Excited to see what they come up with, hoping they don't mess this up. As for my Top 5 changes: 1. Arizona: It's time. Please. 2. Dallas: Ready for people to be mad at me, but enough is enough with the mismatched colours throughout the set. Choose a shade of blue & grey and use them for all your jerseys, please and thank you. Oh, and drop the black outlines. Seriously. 3. NY Giants: Use the Colour Rush set as a base and make a matching blue. Basically, take the '99 set, use the "NY" on your helmet if you want (Either logo is fine in my books), but include grey pants in the set too, preferrably the ones with the thick RBR stripes instead of the thin spaced out ones, and you'll have a great look distinct enough from the Bills so nobody can get mad. 4. Denver: I don't hate this look, but it is dated and the CR is superior. 5. Take your pick between Baltimore, Philly & New Orleans. None of these are pressing for me, but at the same time I'd be happy to see it.
  14. The Knights almost feel very Detroit Tiger-y to me.... I do wonder if going pinstripes would've fixed that. Love the NY cap. Also, even though everyone else has already said it, happy to see you back in the concept game.
  15. So much creativity and unqiue ideas here. No complaints, the Jackets design is easily my favourite, Panthers a close second. Surprised you went with the '95 failed logo for the Caps and not Proto-Weagle though.
  16. Agreed with both comments on the Pelicans jersey numbers being too thin.
  17. I see a lot of hits and then a lot of misses. It's really a mixed bag, but one I can appreciate. Might do a full-list breakdown later, but I've got other stuff to take care of for now.
  18. I'm fine with the Islanders bringing back the Pre-Edge set..... I hope we see a return of the 4 stipe patch too.
  19. Right above the "D" in Philadelphia. Personally, I hate them. The skyline idea has run it's course, the lettering doesn't match their current sets nor does it match any from their history (least, I don't think so, correct me if I'm wrong), and the colour choices made make this a bad design.
  20. So many of these have come out looking fantastic! The meshing of eras really shows you how creative & beautiful every NBA team could look.
  21. Gotta agree with @jc... here. Hank's linework is a bit too clean & the letters are obviously a font when most stuff from the 60's would be hand drawn. I also feel like it needs a little bit of "roughness" to it, like most photos of older logos.
  22. Both the Red & White suffer from the same issue, just in different ways: Unnecessary Black. They should've leaned more into what the Earned "NORTH" jersey looked like.... that being said, the Black statement based off the current City jersey is a winner for me, even though I'm not 100% happy with the Chevron slope being used for the wordmark. All in all, these are a C+.
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