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  1. Somebody posted a picture already, but each jersey colour here ties into a different Chicago subway line.... and then each jersey is loosely based on a different Bulls one. Not a horrid idea for the ASG jerseys, if you ask me.
  2. You see, I didn't know Rainiers referred to a mountain.... I thought the name was a play on the weather of Seattle (being rainy/stormy), thus me thinking the word was clumsy.
  3. My fave choices out of the names: 1. Sockeyes - Fun to say, would be a unique take on a common colour scheme, and ties in to Seattle in numerous ways. 2. Sea Lions - If they did this route, I'd want a Teal, Brown & Yellow colour scheme.... 3. Emeralds - Two tone green is nice, and while the name feels bland, I think there could be some creative stuff to come out of it. 4. Rainiers - I don't get the appeal. The name would be a to say, feels like it doesn't make sense, and I just can't think of any creative logos coming out of it.
  4. I'm intrigued here. The Falcons have one of 3 directions they can go back to: 1. Moderninzing the inaugural set of jerseys, which would be nice, but I always felt it was disjointed 2. A new take on the 90's "Dirty Bird" set. Easily the most popular look by fans and one I could see coming out really nice, but.... the current fauxbacks are mostly based on this look, just without silver.... and like most, I don't see them taking such an easy route. 3. What I want to see: A take on the '79 to '89 set..... rather than owning black, they embrace red & proudly so. Look how pretty and distinct these guys are. It's a underrated look and one that stands out.
  5. The more I see the swoosh on the front, the more I'm indifferent to it. Is it bad? Not always. Would the logo work better on the sleeve? Depends on the jersey for me. Like... the Nats jersey posted, I feel like that guy should see it on the sleeve, but then I see the Yankees one and I try to compare where the swoosh would go on the sleeve to it's placement on the front.... and I feel like the front suits it better in that case (Same goes for all pinstriped teams though in my head). In the end: Like with the NBA, I'll get used to it.
  6. I liked the Raptors Earned jersey.... in fact, had they brought back the Earned concept, I was hoping to see a white version of that guy.
  7. You can 100% tell this one is Brandoise, but.... it's honestly one of the better logo packages they've done in the past bit. My issue is why not NARWHALS? Like.... there was no need to do "Sea Unicorns". Enough with the gimmicky names. Also, given the fact they're using two completely different scripts... I'm not sure which I like better for the identity, but they should really stick with one. That is all.
  8. I'm like... torn on these. The Rangers script looks good on the Home, but doesn't need the shadow on the Powder Blue.... and it also doesn't mesh at all with the rest of this set, which makes me wonder why they opted to bring it back/play homage to the Nolan-era script in the first place. That being said, every other move is a win, minus the red hat with the Home. The thicker stripes & the fixing of the numbers especially stand out as pluses. The old looks was a few teaks away from being really nice, and now the new look is a few tweaks away from being really nice. Also.... no to the powder blue. Just no.
  9. Fine.... I'm ready for the hate here, but.... I always felt like this set didn't work for the Royals, but it was a nice set of jerseys that could've worked for somebody (Toronto's Black Jay set comes to mind).
  10. The Creamsicles were simple, sleek, clean & I've never gotten the hate for them. The reason some people hate them is cause the orange is seen as too gaudy and bright, and that mixed with losing seasons gives it a bad omen. However, the main reason I'd love to see them return all modernized? Nike doesn't know how to do Pewter right. The colour comes off as a mix between brown and grey with the new material used, and the template is also a mess along with the alarm clock numbers. As for the 00's set? That's the era I grew up on, and while there's a lot to like about said set, there's also a glaring issue: Too many colours. Red, White, Black, Pewter & Orange... 5 COLOURS. IMO, you keep it to 3 or 4 at most, with maybe a 5th colour for the logo as an accent but not used in the design itself. The other thing is that the "minimal design up top, striped pants" look was copied by quite a few other teams: The Eagles, Jaguars & Ravens all adopted a similar idea. Now, am I saying that the Bucs should full blown return to the Creamsicle set? I say no. However, using those colours and creating a new design, bringing that look into "The 2020" mindset? I'm all for that.
  11. Yes, but they've also dabbled with the '83 stuff all over the ST unis as well, and I'm sorry.... the '83 look deserves to be a throwback only, not mixed in with the current look, even if it's only for ST. Sure, it's not as bad as the Brewers case (which is still going on with this current set), but it still bugs me.
  12. I agree with most people here that the Angels, Twins, Rangers, Mariners, Rockies, Rays & Phillies need to figure things out jersey wise (my personal order of who I want fixed 1st). There's a few looks that could use a few tweaks (Reds) and then others who need to pick a side rather than trying to have their cake and eat it too.The worst culprits here are the White Sox and Brewers, who both want to to embrace the past, but not fully, so we get all these little shoehorned things, trying to blend eras and whatnot. I get wanting to call back, but sometimes, it just doesn't work. My other case here, well... the Royals. Ever since the World Series, Kansas City has slowly tried to embrace gold as a 3rd colour, using it well on alternate looks. However, they also look good with baby blue as the 3rd colour, which is also a big part of their history. They need to pick one, fine tune the look with a few tweaks, and run with it... and either direction can work for them. Then again, I also like the 02-05 Royals set with the black (which looks good, it just didn't suit KC), so yeah.... Also, now that we got Road Pinstripes back, when are we getting vests again? That is all.
  13. So many City jerseys and Toronto's haven't dropped yet? Part of me wonders if were just going back to the old Black & Gold set then.... I mean, it's either that or the Red North jerseys are being promoted.... right? Maybe a white version of the Earned set? Like.... I just want to see something cool.
  14. Okay, so... 1. I said this before and I'll say it again: The new BIG feels like a lateral move. There's a lot of smart fixes made with the new logo, but a few huge missteps which suck (The gap in the webbing & the baseball seams mostly for me). 2. I like the word marks on the Pinstripes, Grey & Cream. The Navy? As much as I've always liked that Milwaukee script, it doesn't look right without an outline. 3. The fact none of the striping matches is also upsetting and something that would be such an easy tweak, especially with the White & Grey. 4. Too many alt logos.... it's like they don't want to piss off fans of any era, so they're just half-measuring everything. Same goes with the Royal Blue in the logos. Personally, I'd have modernized Barrel-Man and put him on the sleeve. Barely-Ball is meh, and the Bricks-Consin logo is a neat idea, but I also feel that could've been executed better, using a mix of the logo they chose to use as inspriation along with the 90's Wisconsin patch of the Motre Bame era, which is where Barely-Ball would've worked IMO. TL;DR: They got a great idea here, but are a few tweaks away from really nailing this.
  15. I assume the Stadium Series jersey.
  16. It's a neat idea, but it's too abstract for it's own good and I think it's going to look bad on the ice.
  17. Do we have a cleaner copy of the new BIG yet? I posted in here about a mock up I was interested in seeing, and I think I'm going to try and make it myself, but I need a copy of the new glove to do that.
  18. Hey man, never get mad you put this on hold. We all get busy with life, and like you said, this isn't your job (albeit somebody should hire you for this, somewhere IMO).
  19. To come back to this thread, and say something I didn't get to last night: Anyone whose complaining about the fact the Padres opted to go with both Pinstripes & Trim..... yeah, no. The fact they decided to do both is unique to them now, as they become the 1st team to do it with a button-down & they nailed the thickness of it as well. Also, if any other team brings back road pinstripes, it should be the Twins IMO.
  20. Thank you San Diego for not messing this up. Everything here is perfection.... and I'm not even a Padres fan, LOL.
  21. As a non-Brewers fan, I can say that the new BIG is a lateral move. There's some stuff that I immediately hate about the new glove (The front fact facing seams on the baseball and the fact the little white gap is gone), and then there's stuff I like about it (The fixed webbing on the M, the fact the M & B are connected now up top and the fact the B is no longer bottom heavy thanks to the fixed placing of the baseball) Personally, I'd like to see what the new glove would look like with the old baseball and said white gap, just to see if those two little quirks from the past make the logo better, but I'm not sure if anyone would be open to mocking that up.
  22. Hey, Vancouver.... why is that you can give yourself a pretty collar for these throwbacks, but not the Home & Away jerseys?
  23. Upgrade: to: Hab fans already know there's only 1 #73 for them, and that's Micheal Ryder. Happy that Gally gave it up when he got traded back to Montreal during his rookie year.
  24. Do the Flames need black? No. Do I like the addition of black? Yes. And id you compare the Flames adding black to anybody, I;d compare it to the Blues adding subtle uses of red and then later on, adding navy..... neither were needed, but both gave us some terrific looks for both teams IMO. Also, if the Flames do keep black whenever they change from their hideous set, bring back the White C. Please.
  25. I like the idea of the Devils new alternate logo. The issue is.... is it supposed to be all white/black like the two examples shown? I feel like it needs some red to work with the current Devils look personally. I just hope that if it is an alt logo, they refrain from using it on the shoulders and keep it to either the helmets or pants.