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  1. And to think that the blue Magic jersey might not even be their worst jersey this season.
  2. Happy that the Stars went the Texans route. Now let's hope Nashville has the same sense and goes with the Dixie Flyers for inspiration.
  3. Gotta agree with @jus2damcrazey219 on the Jags. I really like the teal over black and they looked fantastic. The Titans need to burn those jerseys though.
  4. I've got one for the NHL I've had in my head for ages cause the current set-up makes little sense: Last I heard, a team is only to allowed to wear an alternate a maximum of 15 times per season.... given a lot of teams are revealing 4th jerseys, I'd like to see the NHL force every team to have 4 jerseys (In other words, a Home Alternate & Away alternate) and have it be a 33/33/8/8 split. In addition, do the jerseys like this: 41 with colour at home, 41 with white at home, your choice for the playoffs given the other team you are facing agrees... with the 33/33/8/8 setup, the alternates would also flip for the final 4 games of the 41 left. It's such a simple fix, gives team more revenue with the extra sweater and would allow jerseys that would originally be one-offs such as a Heritage/Winter Classic or Stadium Series to be used as said 4th alt if desired. I mean, as an example.... Calgary would actually look good for 16 games this season under these rules and you'd get to see the whites more than just once (they might wear them after the HC, but you never know with this stuff).
  5. Surprised these guys weren't on the worst list: Both teams wearing their worst possible looks and it looked awful. What will it take for the Saints to burn the black pants?
  6. The Bucs can easily go in one of 3 directions if they do indeed want to change their look (all of which would be for the better): 1. Full on updating the Creamsicles, something I feel most people would be fine with and would end up looking fantastic on the field. 2. Updating '97-'13, something I feel most people would prefer. Think along the lines of the Vikes or current Dolphins looks. 3. Starting completely anew, using elements from both previous eras to try and create something. I really would love to see the Bucs go full Creamsicle or '97-'13 as both were fantastic in their own right and both would fit in nicely with what teams wear now. The 3rd option is what scares me.... cause we could see something very simple like the Jags new set, something where the idea is nice but it's still a few tweaks from being perfect (the Jets IMO), or a complete and utter mess (Titans and Browns, as well as the current Bucs).
  7. Have to agree with you here for the best of the week, happy Ravens/Phins got a shout-out (IMO, the Contrasting Colour Game Of The Week or CCGOTW) & the one disagreement I have is the Jags/Chiefs.... and here's the game I'd have replaced it with:
  8. I do got to wonder what a Purple/Gold look for the Angels would look like, given when I think of those colours, I think LA. Also, either one of the Blue/Yellow or Red/Blue looks works much better for Montreal, albeit one of the images appears to be broken. As for the next two teams .... is Armadillos too cheesy? I love the 66ers moniker @NicDB brought up for OKC, but I'll also bring up the MiLB moniker of Missions for SA, as I quite like it and think it works fine for a MLB club.
  9. I gotta agree here. While I love Purple/Gold as a colour scheme, it just doesn't fit Montreal. I feel a look more inspired by either the 1935 Road or the 1946 Home (Which is a KC jersey, I just realised that) that you posted up from the Ebbets Field page would make for more of a Montreal-esque look:
  10. Happy to see the whites too cause it'll make the obvious Raptors v Grizzlies matchup correct..... I mean, they kinda have to.
  11. To be fair, we could use that splash of colour in today's NFL and it would still look tons better than the current set.
  12. I love this! The logos, the two-tone grey, the the wordmarks, the DC cap, everything. It's a great look and a great way to honour the history of Washington baseball.
  13. Really digging the variation I suggested (Great choice to give the bills some colour after removing it from the N itself, love the grey cap a lot!), but also love the slab serif "N" & the grey camo jersey... albeit, I do wonder if going grey & navy camo over the black used would fit in better with the rest of the jerseys.