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  1. Gotta admit, this feels like the Wild all over again. A killer colour scheme, a subtle logo that will look killer on merch, terrific jerseys..... but horrid NAME.
  2. I'd argue the best thing about the Fisherman set is actually the lighthouse shoulder patch.
  3. This is great. It shows you how there was a solid idea for a jersey in this mess and they really up.
  4. Where to even begin? The things that pains me most above these is that there's elements here that could totally work if they had been smarter. The helmet is fine. The colours look great, and i don't even hate "Bone" instead of White. But there's so many little things that are truly awful here. - The gradient. The fact it's not just the numbers, but the blue pants as well, is a major blunder. - Just about everything going on with that Bone jersey is bad. The white sleeves, the sleeve numbers, the fact they claim there's horns on the jersey when you can't even see them in pictures, the stupid wordmark with the yellow squiggly line on top (which also affects the Blue), the yellow line underneath said sleeve numbers.... if I was the equipment manager, I'd take them all and burn them. - The bone pants are also trash and should have some blue somewhere. Thankfully the yellow pants are the best pants in this set. Had they based all the pants off of those, these would look so much better.
  5. Okay, so.... I like the font change, I like the fact they look like the Browns, I like the striped Brown Pants .... but NO ORANGE PANTS is a bummer, the Color Rush should be burned and never see the field..... and I think that covers it.
  6. I assume Tridents was passed on due to the Mariners.
  7. The most likely reason Kraken won that Twitter poll is probably because outside fans that are on Twitter seem to really like the name. It's a lot of younger hockey fans too that have rallied behind it (Teens/Early 20's). Yet those actually in Seattle don't like it. They see it as minor league and hokey, which it is. Yet this outside fanbase has been very loud and boisterous... You see how that could frustrate ownership? Do they appeal to the Seattle people or try to get nation wide fan support? Do they try to get younger hockey fans excited and hyped... and if so, would Sockeyes do that better than Kraken? I still think Sockeyes trumps Kraken... it's the New Jersey Swamp Dragons of this era, basically.
  8. If the teases are true and Lukas is right (I'd say he's not) why did they keep the brown pants? Even with stripes, the lone jersey they go with is the white, and both orange and white pants look better. The lone reason I can see Brown pants staying is a Colour Rush, but if that's the case and they have no white on them, I hope they wear them only with the CR jersey. They do not work with the white jersey in that mockup.
  9. Everything points to the name being Sockeyes as this point.... and I assume the plan was to reveal the team name before the outbreak without a logo.... however, due to the copyright issues that sprung up, they opted to delay it until said logo was finished and finalized as well as said paperwork on the copyright. At least, that's what I assume.... they want to get this just right and have the news be this big thing... honestly, dropping it on us randomly like the Chargers did with their new logo reveal might be best at this point, given you can't hold a big event at the moment. At least... if the logo is ready and merch has gone into production.... there's no need to delay this any further.
  10. So the rainbow on the Og Nuggets skyline was ROYGBIV. Cool. Also, hope the Colts don't change too much here, they already look prety good.
  11. Here's a gallery showing them off.
  12. Now that we have everything.... the helmet doesn't bug me that much. I actualy like the finish here, and while I don't think the bigger logo was needed, it's not bad... the worst part is the facemask for me. My main question besides the mis-steps already spoken about by others in here and myself (side panels, giant ATL on front, side shadow on the numbers, etc.): WHY WOULD YOU MAKE RED PANTS? THEY GO WITH NOTHING ELSE HERE.
  13. *SIGH* Okay, so... I need to see better pics before I go full on ballistic about these, but the leaks aren't promising. The side panels suck. The number font would be fine if not for the side shadow, even if it's overally complex. I need more pics of the helmet before I can truly bash or like it. THAT RED ALTERNATE SHOULD BE BURNED AND NEVER SEE A FOOTBALL FIELD. Oh well, let's see if the Falcons actually wait till the 14th or thanks to these leaks, they just drop them on us.
  14. Hmm.... I dunno why, but I'd like to see the Clippers maybe bring these out of the closet? There's something about this wordmark that just "works" for me.