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  1. I mean.... I do think Powder Blue can work and look nice, I just have to see how it's being used, cause the OG Powder Blue set has flaws that can be easily fixed IMO and a lot of those fixes were done on the two navy sets before the double fiasco. In fact, last years Home jersey was very close as to what I'd base a full-time Powder set around, with the Agency being replaced with a better font & the Navy outlines being dropped, along with the pant stripe being fixed. They could go with Yellow numbers ala the Color Rush and 85-87 set, but white also looks fine.
  2. Now that I've seen both and had a time to really let them sink in, here's my thoughts. Rams: Nailed the colour scheme, evetything else... it's a mess. The ram head is easily the best logo of the group, but even that's a mess, with the lines being used making it messy. They tried to be like "We are LA's team" and missed the mark entirely. Scared that the uniforms are going to be near perfection but have one huge glaring issue that almost ruins the look, but we'll see. The mockups of the graident horn on a helmet haven't looked bad, though, so... just got to wait and see. Chargers: I really want to like this. The new bolt fixes the issues I had with the old one, the new wordmark looks nice, I even don't hate the emoji logo as he comes off as a cool fan merch idea. The thing is... I'm skeptic on the powder blue. It's one of those colours where I'm very conflicted on it till I see it on players, as I don't mind the shade used on the current set, but the old shade with the glossy fabric has never set right with me. Then again, my fave set of Chargers looks is these very short lived guys (85 to 87): But even these aren't perfect for me.... I much preferred the white numbers from the LT era on the Navy jerseys personally, and i think that if they used these the striping inspriation for the new set, they'll have a winner on their hands.
  3. Taking away orange sucks, but it feels like the team wants to own pewter instead as it's main colour. I think going away from the Orange sucks, but it fits right in with Nike as of late.
  4. 1. The Brewers should be using your version of the BiG.... that guy is perfection. You brought back the small quirks & charm from the old while using the actual fixes the new guy did fix of the BiG.... I love it & if I could buy merch of it, I'd wear it with pride. I was one of those at first who preferred the new placment of the ball at first as I was iffy on the B being too bottom heavy, but I've come around on that now seeing this. 2. Love almost everything here besides that... not sure about the light blue numbers on the front of the Navy alt, but everything else is pretty spot on & is a nice variation of the Brew-Crew's new look.
  5. He is back. As always, you kick off your threads with a bang.... and this time, I'm liking what I'm seeing but I also feel split. The "Rangers" script is a great look, but the fact it's so disjointed from the rest of the set makes it look out of place, even though it is nice. Then, you have that alt with a "Tecas" variation of that script and I instantly love it... wishing it could be on the Road as well as said alt.... but then I wondered if that would spring too much into the old Expos look with the tail scripts back in the day, and it made me wonder what Texas would look like had they just stuck to the old "Rangers" script..... The other thing I'm torn on is the number on the front being only on some of the jerseys. I get that it's common to have it on the front of a Tail script set, but given that t's not on the other jerseys, it once again looks disjointed. As always though, the Brick & Slate look really nice for the Rangers if they ever wanted to change up their colours.
  6. Been a while since I posted on a thread in the concepts section, but I opted to take a look at what you have brewing here.... and I like a lot what I see. I could go into details on a few old designs, but let's focus on the newest stuff. 3 out of the 4 designs look much better, but the Shamrocks.... I vastly prefer the Sans-Serif C. I look at what you're going for with them and feel that it fits that classic logo look much better... maybe giving it an outline would help it stand out more, much like the Bears wishbone? Like I said, the other 3 you've posted look great, and I really enjoy the updates to the Stars you've made. I hope to see an update to Indiana & Ottawa shortly, as one has a great concept but the colours blended too much (Indy) & the other looks fantastic head to toe, but the logo needs some tweaking.
  7. This is a nice, subtle thing done by the Sixers. Kudos to them.
  8. Somebody posted a picture already, but each jersey colour here ties into a different Chicago subway line.... and then each jersey is loosely based on a different Bulls one. Not a horrid idea for the ASG jerseys, if you ask me.
  9. You see, I didn't know Rainiers referred to a mountain.... I thought the name was a play on the weather of Seattle (being rainy/stormy), thus me thinking the word was clumsy.
  10. My fave choices out of the names: 1. Sockeyes - Fun to say, would be a unique take on a common colour scheme, and ties in to Seattle in numerous ways. 2. Sea Lions - If they did this route, I'd want a Teal, Brown & Yellow colour scheme.... 3. Emeralds - Two tone green is nice, and while the name feels bland, I think there could be some creative stuff to come out of it. 4. Rainiers - I don't get the appeal. The name would be a to say, feels like it doesn't make sense, and I just can't think of any creative logos coming out of it.
  11. I'm intrigued here. The Falcons have one of 3 directions they can go back to: 1. Moderninzing the inaugural set of jerseys, which would be nice, but I always felt it was disjointed 2. A new take on the 90's "Dirty Bird" set. Easily the most popular look by fans and one I could see coming out really nice, but.... the current fauxbacks are mostly based on this look, just without silver.... and like most, I don't see them taking such an easy route. 3. What I want to see: A take on the '79 to '89 set..... rather than owning black, they embrace red & proudly so. Look how pretty and distinct these guys are. It's a underrated look and one that stands out.
  12. The more I see the swoosh on the front, the more I'm indifferent to it. Is it bad? Not always. Would the logo work better on the sleeve? Depends on the jersey for me. Like... the Nats jersey posted, I feel like that guy should see it on the sleeve, but then I see the Yankees one and I try to compare where the swoosh would go on the sleeve to it's placement on the front.... and I feel like the front suits it better in that case (Same goes for all pinstriped teams though in my head). In the end: Like with the NBA, I'll get used to it.
  13. I liked the Raptors Earned jersey.... in fact, had they brought back the Earned concept, I was hoping to see a white version of that guy.
  14. You can 100% tell this one is Brandoise, but.... it's honestly one of the better logo packages they've done in the past bit. My issue is why not NARWHALS? Like.... there was no need to do "Sea Unicorns". Enough with the gimmicky names. Also, given the fact they're using two completely different scripts... I'm not sure which I like better for the identity, but they should really stick with one. That is all.
  15. I'm like... torn on these. The Rangers script looks good on the Home, but doesn't need the shadow on the Powder Blue.... and it also doesn't mesh at all with the rest of this set, which makes me wonder why they opted to bring it back/play homage to the Nolan-era script in the first place. That being said, every other move is a win, minus the red hat with the Home. The thicker stripes & the fixing of the numbers especially stand out as pluses. The old looks was a few teaks away from being really nice, and now the new look is a few tweaks away from being really nice. Also.... no to the powder blue. Just no.