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  1. Got a two-fer: 1. Not sure how unpopular this one is, but Vegas's Reverse Retro really should be their full time alternate and I'm sad to see it going by the waste side after a season. 2. The Islanders Reverse Retro continues to prove that they look better in Navy in contrast to the Oilers looking sharper in Royal Blue.
  2. The Jazz should do one of three things, and neither of them is changing to Black & White. 1. Lightening the shade of green currently used in the Navy set the currently have so it stands out more, along with dropping the yellow alternate entirely. 2. Making the change back to purple. 3. New set based on the Stockton/Malone 90's colours.
  3. Both of those shirts look great and I'm excited to see the jerseys.
  4. Islanders in Navy, Oilers in Royal IMO. Keeps them different from one another. Also, the Devils adding a pant logo is fine.
  5. Finally. They look terrific. Even if these are only for a single year, I'm happy.
  6. I feel like Maroon numbers would've worked better.
  7. All I ask is that the goalies break out the old school looking brown pads to match the gloves & pants. This evokes old school hockey better than most WC jerseys.
  8. So, the Bulls 75th Anny jerseys might've leaked:
  9. Not sure if anyone here knows anything about this, but I noticed that in the NHL 22 teaser reel, the Islanders were presented with Barzal sporting the Navy Reverse Retro jersey. Is that just EA being EA, or could this be a leak that they're returning to Navy full-time?
  10. The Heritage is the better of the two, but it's a shame to see the Aviator Blue "Jets" wordmark go.... especially if heltmet ads are staying around. Maybe it can be used as a pant logo?
  11. The whole indentity screams "fine" to me. The name is fine. The new cap is fine (I like it much more than the current Block C personally). The wordmarks are fine. The G-Baseball logo is the worst aspect of this, but given that you had a name that would've led you in more creative directions & could've been a merch goldmine.... for this... it's kinda lame.
  12. I really like this. The "S" doesn't bug me, the logos are nice and now that I see the Helmet is still Yellow, I think the minimalistic approach works. The Antler Football is awesome too.
  13. I hope that Nets jersey is real. That's a great way to blend eras.
  14. The updated logo is great. Not a fan of the new "blurple", however. The older colour was soft and I liked it much more.
  15. Throwbacks hopefully means to the original set, which could be why they kept the old helmets. But 9 combinations has me intrigued and hoping the look isn't too busy.
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