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  1. I still don't get why there's only outlines on the numbers. That's my one beef with this look.
  2. Just happy to be seeing better pics of the white & black jerseys shortly.
  3. Is this a mock up? Another leak? My question here: Why the black outline on the numbers, but not the sleeve stripe or "New York" across the front?
  4. I'd say probably about 8-8:30 unless we get another leak earlier that confirms this one. Given it's almost 2 PM EDT, that's 6 hours and it'll feel longer than it is. It always does.
  5. I don't know what to believe anymore. If it's fake, it's the 2nd greatest hoax I've ever seen (Not topping the ASG Hats leak that was fabricated IMO). If they're real.... like I stated earlier, I need a cleaner pic to make a final judgement, but from what I see, I like em.
  6. 100% agree with those who can't help but see the Roughriders here.... that being said, I like em. I need a better picture of the black alternate as I can't tell if the numbers have a green outline or not..... and please, tell me this set has white socks for both the green & black uniforms.
  7. I like it..... but the green definitely feels a bit darker than I expected it to be. It's not a bad thing, but seeing this gives me hope that black will be a minimal thing save for the alternate.
  8. Other throwbacks not possible with the current helmet rule that would sell like gangbusters IMO besides the two teams @Gothamitebrought up: Patriots Seahawks Redskins (The 70-71 set)
  9. Honestly, not a horrid colour scheme, just poorly executed. Unsure if that's an unpopular opinion though.... but as others have pointed, the Irish Rainbow set of the Bucks qualifies. If the black is minimalistic save for the alt, it could work for the Jets IMO.... just trying to think optimistically.
  10. The font used here for the words Round Table is what I'd have used as a base for the new logo. The logo is an upgrade, but it does also miss the mark and feel generic, while the old was a relic from it's era. Had they chosen instead to modernize this script and kept the FUN flags, then you'd have something.
  11. Yes to all of this. The moniker, the colours, the flag on the cookie, the baseball hidden in the cream, the fact that Oreos & Orioles are so close in name, the fact they can still be called the "O's"..... this isn't just genius, this is why I followed this series.
  12. Oddly enough, I swear I see a warthog with feathers here.... the rooster's head is the "nose", the wing under the head is the "mouth"..... am I crazy?
  13. If it's fake, it's as good as those fake all star caps a few years back.