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aussie's jerey contest 1

Alphabet Man

and the winner is:  

44 members have voted

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I hope no one voted for themselves

damn didnt even realize we could, i nulled it the first time i saw it to see how many votes i had.

but i would have voted for the one I truly thought was the best design and what i would like the Bobcats to truly use, out of the group, regardless if it was me or not.

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I gave my vote to joshuamings.

Even though I would replace the Bobcat head with Charlotte on roads and Bobcats on home jerseys. All in all this is a great concept. Good job! B)

Proud supporter of the Carolina's pro teams!

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Hurricanes

Charlotte Bobcats

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man my votes are coming on strong i might have a chance at second! not bad for a newbie huh lol, the right design definitly will win though, my early congrats to against all odds

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Wow, now I know why there were so many votes going to AAO and joshuamings.

It's because when that crap happened with mine, when I tried to fix the image, it came out broken and didn't come up, I just now got it back up.

Oh well, we all probably knew AAO was going to win anyway.

Congrats to Against All Odds, good job man!

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thanks skater, but thats impossible cause when i told you that you had put your new version up a few hours earlier and you switched it back to the original, you put it right back up and it wasnt a broken link, or else the 4 recent votes we got wouldn't have been there, because when you put your original version back up, there was 31 votes, and from then to now there's been 4 more, 35 total...

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Although it seemed skater20na was going to some desperate measures to get first place (i may be wrong), i thank him and all entrants for entering and would like to announce the following place winners:

1st- Against All Odds

2nd- skater20na

3rd- joshuamings

NOTE: i have seriously thought about the goings on (re- skater20na) and my findings will be announced shortly...

thanks to everyone else....

unimaniac, yankj1, mac, chapi, ThaFlameofAtlanta, BRYWHIT, bobcatfever

please note that aussie's Jersey Contest 2 will begin sooon


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