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aussie's jerey contest 1

Alphabet Man

and the winner is:  

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Okay, here's what happened.

I thought the voting ended this afternoon (here) and changed the image (the difference was the #'s on the jerseys) on my host page. AAO informed me that the contest was still going on and I IMMEDIATELY changed it back. Then when I reloaded the page later this evening my image didn't come up so I thought the image was broken, thus why I mentioned it.

AAO Desirved to win and I actually voted for him.

I'm proud to take second, especially behind AAO.

Good job to all who entered and I enjoyed the friendly competition.

I SO did not mean for anything like this to happen, I have no hard feelings towards anyone and hopefully I'll be able to take first place in a competition some time in the future.

On a side note, there would have been a much wider margin between myself and AAO if he had Illustrator or Photoshop, I commend him with his wonderful skills especially just using paint.

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its ok skater20, thanks a lot and thanks for voting for me, i actually didn't vote for anybody at all, thinking i couldnt vote since i was in the concept. And never did i doubt your work, it was an excellent concept, your second version being much better. worthy concept to go up against, i guess all of this is just a coincidence. Ever since the IHA thing happened (though this is on a much smaller scale), we've all been a little on the edge. just sketchy, thats all. but yes i loved competing in this contest with all of those that entered, i thank aussie for his efforts, and congratulations to both runner-ups.

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