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Which aspects make this (or fail to make this) Pats logo Retro?


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Please respond to the three questions below:

   1. Do you consider this a retro logo? If so, what elements of this logo make it retro? If not, why don’t you consider it retro?

         2.  What comes to mind when you see this logo? And how does this logo make you feel?

         3. Does looking at this logo make you connect to a time in the past? If so, how does it connect you to that time?

Pats throwback logo.jpg

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1. yea pretty easy one here like DC said, its not used anymore so its "retro". if you're speaking to the aesthetic alone, you could say quite a few logos are retro that are still in use as primarys today. and a lot of them are probably younger, yet older looking, than, say the Packers logo. i think its best to go by the date. is it used anymore? no? then, retro. 


2. what comes to mind is a time when cartoonists drew logos. a time when technology/production of logos was young and lead to some really poor designs. this isn't well crafted at all, but it's hand drawn style and somewhat whimsical "personality" still makes it lovable. ugly, but lovable. its a dated logo that reminds me of when a team named the Patriots wore a red jersey, one of the very worst sports branding decisions ever. the team was pretty awful save for a few seasons with 1 Super Bowl appearence. as a football fan it makes me smile a bit because its kitsch, but as a designer i hate it. its an awful logo. 


3. absolutely it connects me to the time when it was made. the personality and craft quality makes it a perfectly average logo of the 60s - 70s. 

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