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Cleveland Browns 2017


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You sob. I'm working on the same template lol. 


As far as the concept goes, I admire your unique spin on the Browns identity but there's not enough lipstick in the world to save this pig. I am in full support of them imploding everything and starting from scratch. 

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The main focus for me with this concept was to create a true identity for this team. The Browns have had several mascots over the years but the stripe has always been the focal point on the uniform. Since the browns wear no logos on their uniform, the stripes on the helmet, jersey and pants have pretty much become their logo. This is why I decided to scrap the mascot and logo entirely and focus the whole design around "The Stripe". While I would love to change the team name to a symbol (most likely of a stripe) similar to what prince did with his name, there is just too much history behind the Browns name. I'm only half kidding but you get my point. While I think this stripe design could work with many other teams, I designed it specifically for the Browns to give a modern twist on their historic uniform. I may try it out on a few different team to show what some of you guys requested.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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