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Brazilian soccer club takes jersey advertising to new level


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interesting but ugly and i would imagine inneffective. its hard to read even from a photo. near impossible to read on tv or in stands when players are in action. so your best shot at getting the message across is through photos and if the team is struggling for an audience, the ammount of people who see the photos (most likley on social platforms) would have to be pretty small to begin with. and its only effective to that small number of fans who shop at the store, so to reach this percentage of the fanbase in such a way seems pretty bad altogether to me

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It just seems like they did it so the club could have a little bit of media perception.

The ad itself reminded me of when first division side Botafogo had a store called Casa&Video as their sponsors, and would display random products and prices on their kits.

The highlight was this hair dryer that changed from R$49 to R$39 between the first and second halfs:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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