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  1. Here it is: My Alex Morgan graphic from the first game got corrupted and I never got to finish it. Now that the US has won it all I'm probably going to make one piece with the whole campaign and include it.
  2. Thank you! I really like how the cutouts make the photos pop on the right side of the image Thank you as well! I get what you are saying, and I tried to avoid awkwardly cutting people. On that specific case I think it looked ok, because it's just a bit of the uniform, the badge was not cut in half and there was no part of the face visible, but thanks for the feedback. Thanks! I know it's not actually called an edit but that's a term I see around a lot to refer to this type of image and I've called it that for years. Anyway, I changed the name of this topic to "graphics", it makes more sense. Anyway, did this one today: Marta played for almost a year with no sponsorship so she could play in the World Cup with these boots and celebrate like this, protesting for gender equality and equal pay in the sport. Loved it. I do have plans to make one with Marta and Miroslav Klose since she tied him for joint topscorer in World Cup history with 16. And also a USWNT vs Thailand one focused on Alex Morgan on the same style of my Brazil v Jamaica graphic is on the way.
  3. I always feel like sportmanship is playing normally untill the end no matter the score, wich is what the USWNT did. If they "showed mercy" and stopped trying to score at all, that would be rude an unsportman-like. This is comming from a guy that saw his country lose 7-1 at home at a WC semifinal, and felt it should have been way more.
  4. As a brazilian I think our best hopes of getting out of the group stages was to win by a lot against Jamaica and try to grab one of the best 3rd placed teams spots. Came into the tournament with 9 losses in the last 9 games and no friendlies prior to it, a terrible coach and with out best player being 33 years old and injured to start things out. I'm really liking Netherlands this first half agains New Zealand, they seem like the best team based on the first game so far, even though is still 0-0. France (solid win and dominated the midfield against what seemed like a weak South Korean side), China (even with a loss) and Argentina (with a good defense holding up 0-0 against Japan) are the other highlights so far in my opinion. Expecting a lot from the US later today
  5. This is a bit different as it's not a logo or a uniform concept, but I made this piece after Brazil's first game against Jamaica and plan to do some more with notable games of this World Cup. Would love some c+c ______ I donĀ“t even know if this is the right forum to post this type of stuff, but I've done and seen illustrations here and it's a sport design concept after all. If I'm wrong it's my bad, and mods can tell me
  6. I realy like everything so far, specially Brisbane Rovers and Melbourne. Would love to see that M-V monogram on a jersey
  7. I really like the idea of a individual sport being that dynamic, but for me this concept might work better with on a 2v2 with substitutes and goals on both ends of the court.
  8. Amazing work as always, really apreciate what you do. Cheers
  9. I don't think he does pre-season, although it would be nice to see (NBA global games specially)
  10. Wouldn't mind the white kit this year only as it's a reference to our first Copa America title in 1919. That along with the fact that the yellow kit is heavilly associated with politics this days (but I really don't wanna brig that discussion over here).
  11. As a brazilian, I LOVE the white kit. Nike should have made the home kit white for the whole 2019 season. It's time to move on from a game played in 1950, specially since we had a way worse defeat in 2014.
  12. I actually really like the endzones on this one, the grey shadow looks great contrasting to the green. Great job on the reproductions
  13. As always, solid job so far. Only one I dislike is Scotland's away. At the same time, Netherlands home is amazing
  14. I love what you did with Blackpool. And for some reason I like the word "progress" present instead of the club name, makes it more unique.
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