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Charlotte Bobcats Concept

Nick 1733

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there we go. yea i like this one more, the number font on the other one wasn't working. I like the font used on the number, but for the player name, the concept would look realer IMO if you used a generic font like most teams use for the player name, (i.e. the TEAM font (block) or Academy, or Yearbook Solid, which is the font used on the Nuggets' and Knicks' unis and a lot more teams for the player name, or the font the Raptors use, or the font the Lakers use for player names.)

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Those look very nice. Great job!

I will be happy if the Bobcats use a concept similar to this.... although I still have my doubts.

The only thing I would change is the paw alternate logo. Give the paw some claws or something.

Other then that great work.

Proud supporter of the Carolina's pro teams!

Carolina Panthers

Carolina Hurricanes

Charlotte Bobcats

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the paw would be a good update of the clemson logo, maybe you should do a uniform concept for clemson with it. i have always wanted them to add purple to the uniforms since it is one of their colors.

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