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Colorado Rockies Refresh


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Let's be honest, the Rockies front office is very stubborn when it comes to the identity of the team. I've been a fan of the team since the beginning, and know all too well. So, I decided to take what we already have, and refresh it. I took the secondary logo and removed the ball, created a classy roundel, and lightened the purple. For the word mark, I beveled the inside letter fillers to give the lettering a more contemporary look. I also beveled the cap logo this way as well. The primary integrates the city of Denver into the identity for the first time as well. I am still working on the other elements of the refresh such as the "Colorado" word mark and other jerseys, but this is a solid start so far:





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Well presentation-wise you could use a darker color to do the stitch marks on the cap. Just so its a little cleaner. 


I generally don't go with the bow-tie wordmarks (with the first and last letters larger) but this looks really good. Maybe a vertical arching? 


These are small nitpicks because this all looks terrific. Good job!

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Here's an update:

-I cleaned up the primary just a tad and put together an identity package that outlines the new direction for the team. Enjoy!


Here is the complete brand package. I wanted to incorporate more liveliness into the identity with the update of purple and the beveling of the classic lettering. As a move into the 21st century, the ball was removed, and a roundel was created to bring a more timeless look onto the scene. A sleeve patch was also created to pay homage to the past and keep consistency with the uniforms: 



This is the perspective of how the brand has evolved from 1993 to 2018:



Here's a look at the uniforms. The goal was to have only 2 hats from now on, a black cap with purple bill, and a purple cap with black bill. This gives the team consistency when using different uniform variations. A 4th uniform is in the works right now:





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