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2020 NHL Heritage Classic


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I made a 2020 Winter Classic concept a while ago, so I figured I'd make a version for Canada's outdoor game, the NHL Heritage Classic.



All Heritage Classic logos have the same flavor to them. They've got a big red leaf, the "HERITAGE Classic" script, the year, the name, and a portrait of the city in a certain style. I put the game in Toronto, and therefore emulated the style of previous logos to stylize the Toronto skyline to fit the branding. I added blue since the Leafs would be the home team, and I think it contrasts well with the red background of the leaf.




Here are the jerseys. Obviously it's a game between the Leafs and Habs, because it's one of the biggest in sports. Both jerseys are kind of throwbacks but remain unique, as Toronto's jersey uses a recolored version of their logo from 1926, and a modified striping pattern from their 1927 jerseys. The Habs concept uses a logo from 1932, and sort of translates their 1944 jerseys onto the Adizero template, but adds a little bit of white striping for some modern flair. The two looks remain new enough to stay unique, but their inspiration from the past keeps them rooted in tradition.


And that's that! I put in a lot of effort for this project, so I want to hear what you guys thought of it! Let me know!

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