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Another columbus blue jackets concept


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I'm really happy with the way these turned out. I got rid of the bug and lime green for obvious reasons, and replaced the green stick with a normal tan one for the logo's sake. I also added some silver in the striping. The first two are my main concepts, and the others are variations using only the navy blue and lighter blue as the main color. LMK what you guys think.

Blue Jackets Home Jersey

Blue Jackets Road Jersey

Blue Jackets Home Jersey-Navy

Blue Jackets Road Jersey-Navy

Blue Jackets Home Jersey-Light Blue

Blue Jackets Road Jersey-Light Blue

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Navy is the best, no doubt in my mind.

You know, a non-electric green coloured bug logo, with a few minor adjustments, might not look so bad. Lord knows I hate this CBJ logo almost as much (no offense to you Chazberg, my hatred does not cross over into your concepts). Some excellent production work too.

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