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Vancouver Rainmakers Jerseys


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Alright, here's a few more things.

- sleeve logos are in the elbow joint, and being kind of stiff, will make bending your arms uncomfortable, they'll be distorted when the arm is bent, too - move them to the shoulder

- could use numbers on the upper arm

- lose the logo on the socks, they're made of coarse knit material and it would be difficult and expensive to produce; additionally, they wouldn't be seen well anyways because a hockey player's legs are usually in motion, obstructed by sticks, or behind the boards when a player is sitting on the bench

- on the logo, 'rainmakers' doesn't stand out well because it's the same colour as the sweater

- you've used a dark number on the back of a dark sweater, it stands out okay because you've used a thick white outline, but it would stand out better if you used a white number with a thinner black outline

- I like the colours

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thanks....that is the kind of feedback I was looking for....about the socks- this is gonna sound stupid but I honestly didn't know those were socks....Living in Alabama, we don't do hockey- so I wasn't sure, well now I know. thanks for the tips.

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