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Canucks Concept


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Please use this critisim in a positive way. But it needs a LOT of work. But I am here to help.

Well it's obvious to see that all you got is Paint. Roger Clemente has made an amazing set of hockey jersey templates that would show off your concept better. These can be found on the Templates thread on the top of the Sports Logos section. Don't forget to download the name and number templates as well.

Secondly, numbers are needed on the back and sides to truly show what the uni's gonna look like. Don't forget the alt. logos as well if you wish.

Next I would suggest finding a better pic of the logo. I have one that just might help.


As far as the design, it's up to you. Experiment with paint and try different styles, striping & possibly colours. You'll never learn and become better at this without experimentation. I've learned and become a better concept designer, but now I'm doing logos.

If you want to see, this was one of the first concepts I ever did 2 years ago, when I was nothing but a lurker on these boards...


I seriously don't think your concept hits the spot for me, but it severely lacks detail, so I don't really know if it would work out the way I think. Try Roger's templates, and experiment, experiment & experiment some more!

I really don't mean to sound cocky and stuck up, but I learned alot over the past 2 years through the many great people here and you can too.


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I agree with Braden, they are too dull.

However I was much more fortunate that him as I had Photoshop all the way, never had to work in paint.

I've now become very good at designing uniforms and am still working on doing logos. Before I came here I couldn't design jerseys for crap other than on a drawing pad.

So obveously the people on here have helped me majorly. In fact I didn't post my first concept until about 5 months after I joined.

So just work hard and you'll get much better.

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