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Need opinions for updated logo...


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Well, I got me some temporary web space since my server is down right now while I move. Anyways, if you remember my old design I did with the 'W' and 'E', I have done 2 alternate logos- let me know what you think; keep in mind that the mascot is a Blue Devil. Also, on that same page at the bottom there is an image of a football helmet with a decal of a hawk/eagle. I have been looking desperately on the internet for this eagle/hawk because I know some other team or company uses it. If you recognize it let me know please...

My Webpage

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I don't know what "CPA" stands for, but the same eagle design is used by Morehead State University.

See logo (copy and paste)

Morehead State website

That's the only Division I school that uses the eagle design, although I have seen it (in both the same and other colors) for some D-II and D-III schools, as well as some high schools. (One near my home, Mountain View HS in Kingsley, PA, has the eagle wearing a blue sweater with an orange MV monogram on it.)


There are other Division I schools that use variations on this eagle design -- usually the same pose, but with a different bird or animal wearing the sweater.

Most notably:

North Carolina State (copy and paste)

Lamar (copy and paste)

Eastern Illinois (copy and paste) *

St. Francis [NY] (copy and paste)

St. Peter's (copy and paste)

Oral Roberts (copy and paste)

Drexel (copy and paste)

Sacramento (copy and paste)

There may be others that I have missed.

*Lamar is in the same conference as Morehead State. ???


By the way, if anyone goes to my logo site, I am aware that some of the logos are outdated. I am working on an update, but my time is limited these days. I would appreciate you pointing out any logos that I may have incorrect. (I probably know which ones are, but in case I missed some on my list of updates needed.)




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Thanks a lot for the help with the logo. I knew some team used it. Oh yeah, don't worry about the CPA part- that is a high school in South Carolina. I just wanted the eagle so I could make some changes to it and add it to my site. Thanks again...
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