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Tucson scorpions logo


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Thanks to everyone who suggested names for my fantasy team in Tucson and thanks for correcting me on the spelling of that great Arizona city. Here is the first of the concepts I've come up with. Any critiques are always welcome.scorps2.jpg:)
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I really don't think that cyan, orange and black go together. The logo is cool, although I'd drop the background circle and the gradients within the scorpions parts.

My advice? Go with a black outlined, gold scorpion, with red highlights. I think it'd look cool.

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I am mostly with SyPhi on this critique.  You dont need gradients or that blue circle behind the scorpion.

In addition, you have to be careful when you combine text and frame the image on either side.  With one word being much longer than the other the symmetry is all thrown off. Better to stack the words vertically in this case.

It's a very cool looking image though...very nice work.  You can do a lot with the entire them you've chosen.  I threw together some text you could use as secondary marks.  I know they are crap...but for some reason the "T" and "S" spoke to me.  Sorry. I only had like five minutes, but you can do what you like with them.



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