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Toronto Lakers Wordmark (fantasy)


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Some of you have seen my WAFA (Aussie Rules) team unis and given me valuable feedback that will be taken under consideration. (Thank You)

Now I need more help with my wordmark.

Most designer get to that point at one time or another where after staring at your concept for hours, you just can't make up your mind, actually you end up trying one more and one more...

Before I go on and try 4 more variations (...not!) can you guys steer me in the right direction and tell me what works best?

Thank you.


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I'd go with the first one. It's the most legible.

What works best is to not use Brush Script. It screams "locally silkscreened Little League uniform". Your wordmark is very boring as it is..."Toronto Lakers". I think you could have some fun with at least the nickname...maybe set the baseline to Lakers as a wave, or use a bolder font and then you can have a wave pattern running through "Lakers" like example #4.

There are also a few "scripty" typefaces that are actually italicized fonts that might work with this as well. You can also use a regular bold/heavy/black version of a font and skew or slant it when all your other effects are done to it.

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Thanks everybody for the feedback, keep it coming...

I maybe trying to be too facy about the wave.

I think the third colour (Grey) is waht "dulls" it.

I'll try more with just the double-blue, and the Navy outline.

I'll be a little more patient and try more fonts.

Thanks again.

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