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Tank Stumper 12/21/04


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I didnt know he owned the Tams I do know he owned the Seals and tahts the answer I was looking for and for the Tams Sj32 deserves credit too he even had me beat by 1.

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Those stylish funky hats they wore are called tams.

That's the popular misconception, but considering we're talking Charlie Finley here, you know it is marketing-oriented (although they did adopt a green and gold tam-o-shanter as the team's logo).

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With Memphis located in the southwest corner of Tennessee, Finley tried to attract fans by naming the team after the three states that made up his fan base, hence:






Before Finley bought the team (and changed their colors to the requisite green and gold), the team was named the Memphis Pros. After he sold them, they were renamed the Memphis Sounds.

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