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wouldn't work for hockey?!?! that's what the first hockey jerseys looked like! horizontal stripes! tradition dude...the retro thing is becoming mainstream and pretty soon bringing back old fashion like that will be huge...you watch...it's already starting.

kinda like the original ottawa senators "barber pole" jerseys? Okay I get to what youre talking about. the main reason I have a problem with excessive horizontal stripes on jerseys in ANY SPORT is because at times it could be tough to see the numbers on the back. Honestly I feel its the number one reason why the habs dont have a center horizontal stripe on thier white jersey.

even placing a large solid colored square or circle like you did where the number goes makes things look very cluttered IMO. The Astros did something similar with a large white circle enclosing the navy blue number on the back of thier "rainbow guts" jerseys.

just my opinion I guess. Youre probably right, excessive horizontal striping in hockey would most likely make a comeback. I just hope designers are careful in how they present the looks when they do.

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ok heres a request:

i may be attending the University of Virginia in the fall an plan on playing club hockey for them. i believe thier current jerseys are simply blue with a generic "V" or "VIRGINIA" crest. yuck. does anyone have any UVA jersey ideas?

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