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Coyotes concept, part dos


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I didn't want to take over puckcool22's thread, as he certainly has his own thing going on there.

But I've gotten some more interesting info (rumours?) about the Coyotes new look, courtesy of a couple sources on the Gameworn message board.

According to this source...

1 -- The jerseys will be "brick red."

2 -- The Coyotes will wear red helmets, jerseys, pants and socks at home. On the road, they'll keep the red pants, but everything else will be white.

3 -- The sleeve stripes will be "similar in style to the Maple Leafs."

Ultimately, the new threads won't be (officially) unveiled until September.

Now, according to a different source on the same message board, someone is selling Gretzky Coyotes jerseys on eBay, and they have a very interesting number font. Check them out!

Gretzky - Home/White

Gretzky - Road/Dark

Funky, huh? Of course, that could easily be a custom thing (like through River City?) which will never hit the ice, but what if it's legit?

So... Taking all that info into consideration, I've attempted to put together what I think the new home (dark) jersey might look like.

Coyotes 2003/04 Home/Dark concept

Template courtesy STL Fanatic & Roger Clemente, resources courtesy Roger Clemente and Frylock, NHL logo courtesy TheSLE.com, and the CCM logo courtesy logo.nino.ru


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I hope thats not what the jerseys are, they don't look to good to me.  I really hope its not that similar to the leafs, one of the worst things about ncaa hockey jerseys is how half the teams are in different colored maple leaf jerseys (yale, dartmouth, UNH, U of Alabama-Huntsville etc)
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I don't know about you, but with the red pants, white jersey (w/ Leafs-like striping), this sounds a lot like what the Jets wore at home.

Those numbers are pretty different... they definitely look better in real life than they do on any concept.

Thanks for sharing this with us, Fry.

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