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LA Junior Kings


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Not the Black, white & silver-not the yellow & purple ones the Kings wore as "Vinatge" during the NHL's 2003-04 season.

No the midget LA Jr Kings AAA 18U team wears the original Kings unis--nice to see someone wearing them--the best ones the Kings have. Not because they're old, but they look the best.

The yellow & purple ones the Kings wore as "Vintage" were too much like the Oilers' jerseys.

The Black & silver were okay--but look too corporate.

The current ones are confusing visually.

The oriiginals were simple and bold!

Here' a link so you can see what I'm yakking about...

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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Simple and bold? I tend to disagree.

A word I would associate with it is BLAND. It doesn't look professional. I can see a team like that wearing those... but a pro team... let's just say I'm glad that everyone has forgotten those.

Those Vintage jerseys, if the Kings didn't screw it up by wearing black pants... now THAT's an LA Kings uniform.


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Being the lone Kings fan on the board, I feel I have to represent. So....

The Kings have experimented a lot with their jerseys over the years, but I think the ones they have presently are their best yet. I became a fan of the Kings right about when Gretzky arrived (or when I was about 4 or 5....I was quite aware of hockey at that time since I knew how to skate.....poorly) and at that same time, they switched to the Raiders colour scheme. Naturally, I fell in love with that treatment, however unoriginal or boring it may have been, since I really started following hockey in that era. I never saw any games with them in their prairie gold/forum blue unis, but nowadays, those are classics. The crown is kinda not "manly" or whatnot, but I think it's proper they paid homage (though not entirely) to their roots this past season.

So, in conclusion, I can say I enjoy any attempt to revive the old look, but it has its place, and that place is at least behind their current purple and black unis.

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