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Goalie mask design(s)

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As a goalie and designer maybe I can be of some assitance as to why you don't see keeper masks on this board.

1) Jerseys and logos are easier to lay out. They are flat (1D) and the templates are flat.  Just the shear logisitics of drawing out a mask are a lot more difficult.  Jerseys are also a lot more about color theory, bold/broad shapes, balance, symmetry, and current fashion trends.  A savvy designer, whom may not be a talented freehand illustrator, can still lay out a very pleasing and effective jersey style by just using large fields of color.

2) I think helmets tend to be a lot more...I hesitate to use the term artistic, but shall I say "painterly".  I doubt even professional mask artists provide samples or sketches in advance but merely draw upon existing graphics and the personality of the goalie and go wild.  Kind of like a guy detailing your car.

3) The helmets that stick in your mind as great or influential or often less about a particular team and more about the attitude and personality the goalie wants to project...Potvin's, Belfour's, Cujo's...etc.  So unless we want to share our own inspirations for a helmet, we would largely be putting existing team graphics down were it just for that team in particular.  KNow what i mean??  How crazy could a Caps mask be??  Capital building or Eagle right?? Unless you add the individual element of Kolzig and his Godzilla....it's lame.

4) This seems picky I know, but there are so many types of masks, with holes, straps, in different places and longer or shorter chin pieces , different cages, that designing a mask on paper is kind of useless.  Until you hold the real deal in your hand, you can't decide where certain visual elements will be.  Especially the holes.....It never fails in any mask I've ever painted that something cool...like a flaming rocket or the claw of an eagle or the last two letters of your nickname, always fall right where there is a ventilation hole...such a thing must be modified on the fly, with the mask in hand.

With all that said though, I am sure guys in this forum would take a poke at it for you.  I would be happy to if you like.

I don't know if you've ever had a helmet done before, but just so you know, some league's don't allow them because the paint voids any warranty and safety assurances the helmet manufacturer provides and liability can be an issue.

If you want me or any of these guys to give it a shot, how about giving us a nickname or general theme to work from??  Got any favorite critters or superheroes or alter egos??

Were you looking for this to be a design and execution (i.e. for us to design AND paint it for you) or just the design??

As a side note if anyone is interested...I once contacted the Brewers equipment manager when Mike "Iron Jaw" Matheny was one of three catchers they had on the roster.  I'd always thought that when MLB switched to goalie-style masks they could benefit from individual artwork like NHL goalies.  The equip guy loved the idea and said Matheny did too.  I was scheduled to come down to "God rest her soul, good ole County Stadium" and talk with them about ideas....but then he called me back and said he got vetoed by MLB marketing cause it would conflict with the sale of the mini helmets.  What a crock huh?  The NHL sells custom minis...and it has been monumentally beneficial in selling the identities of the men behind the masks, not only as unique athletes but as a bit crazy too...enhancing the hard core aspect of the greatest sport ever.

Would that not have been awesome though??  Some kind of steel Matheny mask or bloody jaw theme??  Or a Mike Piazza mask with 10-10-220 on it?

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Apparently the MLB has a rule that only team logos can be used on the masks...blah...

The weird thing is the Astros catcher(s) has a cow skull on the top of his, and Matheny (now with the Cards--awesome) has the old swinging bird Cards logo on his. So I dunno. Custom designs would be much cooler.

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I'm a high school catcher, we have a design on our helmet. It used to to be a ball flaming towards the front of the helmet. Now it's chipped and I don't know what it is. :(

I'd be interested in looking at some designs.

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