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4 new designs by snow


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The bball one is the best I've seen so far. Great work. :)

Although I'd flip the script on the away, and make the blue orange, and vice versa. Just to keep them from being too Knicks-like.

Great job on the other two, but they kind of pale in comparison.

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I like the home version of the bobcats but the road set reminds me of the pheonix suns.  I would like to see that design with orange as a main color instead of trim.


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Loved the B'cats home number, the road jersey was just to similar to the Knicks for my liking, but in orange as main colour would be good I think.

Sabres was fine, not really into Hockey so won't comment beyond that- don't feel like I can comment re traditions of team etc.

And Rangers stuff look good too!

So well done all round!!


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