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Ole miss to phase out the colonel


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saw this on Yahoo news:

I'm more ticked off that Phoenix Design still gets work, even though

they crank out alot of crapola!

OXFORD, Miss. - The Colonel Rebel mascot will be sidelined this football season while the University of Mississippi searches for a replacement.

In recent years, Mississippi has been steering its image from the Old South by fazing out symbols that some say are racially divisive. Confederate battle flags, once pervasive at football games, have been banished and "Dixie" has been dropped as the school's unofficial fight song.

The school has been toying with the idea of revamping Colonel Rebel for about eight years, athletic director Pete Boone said.

The Colonel Rebel logo ? featuring a man with a big head, floppy hat and clothes and cane ? remains a trademark of the university, school officials said Wednesday.

Officials said the school will not have a mascot until a suitable one is approved.

Boone said there are no plans to change the school's longtime nicknames "Ole Miss" or "Rebels."

The private Ole Miss Loyalty Foundation that supports sports has spent $30,000 for the New York-based Phoenix Group to study Colonel Rebel, Ole Miss lettering and logos.

School officials have said it is highly unlikely a replacement will be set before the basketball season or possibly next year.

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"PC" stuff aside (though, I'll say a quick GOOD RIDDANCE to Confederate war flags), the "Colonel" logo is definitely in need of a re-make.

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On 7/14/2012 at 2:20 AM, tajmccall said:

When it comes to style, ya'll really should listen to Kev.

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i didn't really see the need for anything to be done...but i have the feeling Ole Miss' new rebel will be part of a "youth movement" (i.e. a younger-looking rebel or some type of animal rebel)


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An article I read on this subject talked about how Reb just wasn't sporty; kind of a static figure. I can agree with that assessment that it just doesn't fit as a sports identity anymore. The current "Ole Miss" word mark was pretty much ugly, too. There's more that could be done with this mascot/mark.

I think it's funny how they "study" words marks and new looks for $30,000. What do they pay for a final piece then? Is there a sort of concluding fee if they take your work after spending this much already? I do realize that other schools or teams spend a lot more than $30 Grand on a new identity package.

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Pfft... see, design firms are garbage. It's just the way corporate America works. If one of their employees gets an idea while sitting on the crapper, he has to get paid for his time invested in thinking of that idea. And usually, it's a hefty thousand-dollar figure. I say to hell with that.

I've said over and over, I do what I do because it's my love. I don't charge an arm and a leg for designs I do (not just logos, but actual print materials, brochures, etc.) because good design should be affordable. Shoot, I'd do a new branding campaign for them for a fraction of what they're shelling out for some half-baked firm to do it.


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