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I was watching the LSU/Tulane game last night and realized that LSU still wears their old intertwined "LSU" hats with the jerseys that have the new logo font on it. I tried making a hat that might go better with the new jerseys. I apologize because I did this in paint and the "template" I made is pretty crappy. I know it's not much, but I just wanted to know what you guys thought about the idea at least.


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It's not bad, but considering that the purple jersey is just one of many, it's not a major deal for the hat to not match the new geaux font.

Call me crazy, but I'm a big fan of the staircase LSU design for the baseball caps. However, I would like to see some consistency on the jerseys because there's so many different fonts and designs being used at the moment at the Box.

If you asked me to design the hat, I'd keep the staircase LSU on the front, but put the curved Tigers wordmark on the back instead of the Tiger head.

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Mightynine, I definitely agree with you. I was just bored and wanted to see what the staircase would looklike with the new font. I wasn't very pleased when LSU changed it's logo. At first, I couldn't stand the new cartoony looking tiger (although the head by itself is starting to grow on me). The problem with LSU, as I'm sure as with many other colleges, is that they have sooo many different uniforms and fonts that they use. The football helmet still displays a different font and the old tiger head (they better not change that); the basketball teams seem to be using the new font, and the baseball team has like 20 different uniforms.

I haven't been able to watch many baseball games yet this season, but the white jersey they wore against Tulane the other night seemed to have the new geaux font as well. I'd love if LSU would just keep it simple and keep the staircase LSU with the old "Tigers" slanted script across the chest, and drop some of the extra jerseys. I wouldn't mind seeing a yellow alternate cap, though. Maybe I'll try to come up with a uniform concept sometime soon if I have time.

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I like the Geaux font, I think it would work well on the football uniforms. It seems that every other team uses it on their uniforms except football. It's modern without looking too weird (Miami Hurricanes for example).

None of you have a copy of it, do you?

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The football helmet still displays a different font and the old tiger head (they better not change that)

Funny story, I attended the unveiling of the new logo a few years ago, and of course ol' Skip had to make it dramatic by having a helmet covered up. Of course, when it became time to unveil the "new" helmet, it was the same design. Point is, Skip did mention that there were no plans at all to change the design on the helmets, because he knows people would hang him in the streets if that happened.

And since no one asked, here's my idea of a uniform set for baseball.


Solid white jerseys, all purple hat, Tigers curved wordmark in purple with gold and black outline

Alt 1: Purple jersey like they have now, all purple hat, white pants.

Alt 2: Keep the current look of the Sunday unis, sleeveless vest, etc. I'd even keep the current arched Tigers wordmark on those; I like the way it looks.


I don't know if they still have them for this year, but I'd use the grey pinstriped vests from last year, with LSU in the geaux font across the chest, and the black hat with the purple bill. I know some folks hate that black hat, but I've come around on it recently.

Also a solid gray, with the LSU staircase design and numbers on the front.

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