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Tank Stumper 3/14/05


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John Nottebart, Ken Johnson (which he lost), Don Wilson twice, Larry Dierker, Ken Forsch, Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, Darryl Kile, and then the Roy Oswalt-Pete Munro-Kirk Saarloos-Brad Lidge-Octavio Dotel-Billy Wagner gem.

I've got to be missing some - there must be more!

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Looks like you got it Will Morris

5/17/1963 Dan Nottebart

4/23/1964 Ken Johnson*

6/18/1967 Don Wilson

5/1/1969 Don Wilson

7/9/1976 Larry Dierker

4/7/1979 Ken Forsch

9/26/1981Nolan Ryan

9/25/1986 Mike Scott

9/8/1993 Darryl Kile

6/11/2003 Combined: Roy Oswalt 1, Peter Munro 2.2, Kirk Saarloos 1.1, Brad Lidge 2, Octavio Dotel 1, and Billy Wagner 1

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