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Logo for baseball team


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About nine years ago, I founded a baseball league in my region. While the league is long gone, the team I played on in that league still means a lot to me. Anyway, here's the scoop.

Would someone be willing to design a logo for my team? The team name is the Piscataway Invaders. The colors were Blue, Silver and White. Do whatever you want with it, but basically the goal is a wordmark and a cap logo.

I want to get a jersey made with the logo, so if I can get one that works, I'd be willing to pay for it.

If you have questions, post here or email me at bronson@globe.com



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I don't mind if anyone tries it. Its pretty simple in terms of what I'm looking for. Just something classy that looks good and would work on a jersey (the wordmark, I mean). Basically, I just want the wordmark designed. I think it might be a stretch to ask for a logo - because I'm not looking for anything cartoonish. I'm bordering on modern look with a classic feel if that makes any sense.

The team colors are a deep blue, silver and white. I'll email you guys later on, but that's really all I'm looking for.

Thanks again

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You want simple, you got simple :laugh: ...of course I can "graphicize" it more if you want... Invaders is a really hard name to work with. If you include a lightning bolt you're ripping off the USFL Oakland Invaders...and a lightning bolt is almost the only way to go. Anyway, heres my logo :D

Copy & Paste

Wordmark & Cap Logo

Anyone, opinions...?

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I have an idea, although I don't know whether I'll get around to it.

49erfan, that's a little too general for my taste. Of course, the only opinion that really matters is rbronson's, but we as a board could come up with something that's simple, professional, and cool, and distinctively Invaders-esque.

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Yeah, that reminds me of a high school logo. I do appreciate you trying though.

I could do something myself, but I've seen the work here and I don't even come close to producing what some of you folks do in your sleep.

I agree that it's really hard to come up with something - especially a mascot - for the Invaders. That's why I figured just a wordmark or something would work. Of course, perhaps some sort of knight type warrior dude would work, that's what I always picture in my head.

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That's really awesome.

I like the second cap logo with the words around the swords and stuff.

With the wordmark, I don't really like backwards text on top or the column in the middle of Invaders, though I get the idea behind it and think its really cool.

Nice work.

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