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Nhl football x-overs


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Alright, this is probably bad timing to release these, but here are three NHL football x-overs.  I started these when SHB said he wouldn't do Anaheim, Dallas, or LA.  Then things went sour, but I still want to show these.

Anaheim:  extremely hard to design for.  I wanted to keep the jerseys feel, but there were too many stripes so I got rid of one.  Second, I had a hard time with the striping on the helmet side view.  Third, the logo is a hockey masked duck, so that had to go.  I just got rid of the holes and colored him in.  I don't really like these jerseys, but with what I had to work with, I think they're alright.

Dallas:  I hate this team with a fiery passion, but these jerseys turned out the best , IMHO.  I wasn't about to make the jerseys look like a giant star, so I wound up with the sleeves you see on the link.

LA:  Kept the same feel as the jerseys.  Nothing outrageous.

I may continue this project depending on the reactions I get.  


Copy and Paste.  Comments?




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Hey Sabes,

Great job.  I really like the Dallas crossover.  The Kings is pretty cool too.  I like the duck on the helmet, ANH, but not fond of how the colors work.  A bit too dark for me, but a great job on them.  

You sure you want that triangle stripe on the pants for the Ducks going that way?

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Like the Ducks hockey jersey design, that pant stripe is different.  What's so different about the Ducks NHL jersey?  How about that giant diagonal thingy on the body? ??? I hate it when the numbers(or anything, for that matter) on a jersey overlap the striping like on Anaheim of Dallas' hockey jerseys.  I'm a little less miffed with Anaheim because if you have only one digit it doesnt overlap, but if you have one digit on the Stars' jersey, it does.

But that's not the reason for this reply.

Start Pop-Up style ad:

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Actually I didn't wanna waste file space for just a helmet.  :D There will be no jersey design because SHB did one and i was exactly what I would've done.

If you don't know who Billy Mays is, he's this guy on TV who will promote anything.  All while SCREAMING.  But, I decided not to put my little ad in all caps because that would have been really annoying.

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oops... uploaded the wrong file.  It's all better now.  Same link.

If the logos on the helmets are too large, I'm pretty new to football designs, so I'm still working out the kinks.

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I love the Kings jerseys, except the logo on the helmet looks a little too big. If it were sized down a bit, it'd be perfect.

I take the opposite view here (with regard to the size of the logo). I like the larger logo. Gives it kind of a late 60's-early 70's feel when it seemed like some of the NFL decals were bigger than they are today. Or perhaps the helmets just grew in size and the decals were never adjusted. Detroit, Minnesota, Cincy (the wordmark, not the stripes) and the Rams come to mind right off the bat.

I am not a fan of the Kings' hockey uniforms, especially the silver duct-tape looking numbers, however the concepts translates extremely well to football and actually makes quite a nice uniform. I really like the helmet a lot.

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ducks-i always wanted to see what wild wing looked like unmasked :;):

stars w/wings helmet: i'm not afraid to like the stars one even though i hate em...and i hate the wings even more, but i can appreciate a well done helmet when i see it.  good job.

kings: translates well.  maybe kings ownership should do what mark cuban does and sell fashion football jerseys.


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