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Malaga Knights - Baseball (fantasy)


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I'm really digging the simple, clean and classic look of the home uniforms here. The two colored stripe is terrifically subtle. I wonder if it's worth exploring a way to use the lighter blue in the name and numbers in an equally subtle manner that will add a little depth to them?

Having grown up in the 70's when the Phillies, Royals and Cubs (among others) wore the light blue roadies, I can't say that I'd be excited to see 'em make a comeback. :wacko: But again, your simple and traditional design works really well! And I appreciate your not forcing an unneeded "alternate" into the set.

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I tried outlining everything, and here's what happened.


Though I'm not a fan of colored jerseys, the batting practice looks terrific!

What if you reversed the colors on the home jersey and tried the lettering in the lighter blue with a dark blue outline, following the same pattern as the stripes on the sleeves and pants.

Again, nice job and I'm enjoying the evolution of these!

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Here's the home jersey with lighter numbers (just swapping the outline)...


My friend, I just plain like 'em! Personally, I like the consistency of the last one with the light blue inside the dark across the board. But IMHO, you've got a winner either way. :D Hope the team does well!

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