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I need help


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I finally decided to put the southwestern pattern from my AZ Cards design on the helmet. I originally thought about it and decided against it. The STL Fanatic suggested it so I decided to look at using it again. I've decided it's not overkill and it looks pretty good. I am having a terrible time trying to get the pattern curved on the side view of the helmet. The tools I use don't have anything I can use to curve it, so I'm stuck. I tried doing it in tiny little pieces, but it looked like crap. So, if anyone could help me out, I'd appreciate it so much.

Here's the file: Copy and Paste.


I'm going to unveil a complete AZ Cards set with Logos, wordmarks, an alt. logo, uniforms, etc. either later this week or early next week.

P.S. I'm putting toghether a new site. It's a lot better than my current one, IMHO. I'm trying to but the SLUDnet dropbox in, but can't I can't paste the HTML text into the Form Script thing. I have SLUDnet.html file in my files on my new site, but can't get it to appear on the main page. I can't remember how I did it on my current site. Any help would be appreciated. I'm still on Geocities.

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Pretty please with a cherry on top?

I have everything for this team except the side view.

I have a home and road uniform(a little different from the one you've seen), a primary logo, an alternate logo, and four wordmarks.  I've even included a t-shirt design, collared shirt design(for the coaches), and a cap.

I just need that darn side view.  Your help would be appreciated.  I can't curve the southwestern pattern without it looking terrible, so I'm appealing to people with better software.

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If you don't show the side view, how do you show the helmet logo. Do you just put a pic of the logo and just write helmet logo under it?

yeah i show the side helmet view with the logo, but i dont show the helmet striping form the angle....see my gryphons uni concept for example...that rectangle between the 2 helmets is the helmet striping  :;):


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beautiful.  Thanks a lot.  These revised designs will come out with the new website either on the 6th(my 17th birthday) or the 10th(my one year of designing anniversary).
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