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UEFA comes down on Inter Milan


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After Tuesday's ugly incident at the San Siro, UEFA has ordered Inter Milan to play it's next four home European cup matches in an empty stadium, and fined them approximaely $310,000 Cdn:


I say good on them, and good on the Italian government for finally cracking down on soccer hooliganism. I would hope that there are some fans who have a learned a lesson through all this; sadly, I fear that lesson has fallen on a fair number of deaf ears.

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Acctually i think its a 6 game european ban. This is acctually alot. This could be all of next years champions league campaign.

TSN says four, but if there is any more violence by Inter Milan fans in the next three years, they'll tack two more games on to that.

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Out of ignorance, why can't they just order Inter Milan to play their next four Euro cup matches on the road, as opposed to in an empty stadium?

You know, that's a good question, and one I hadn't thought of. But most times, soccer teams set aside portions of the stadium for visiting fans, so if Inter were on the road, there could still be problems. Either that, or UEFA just wants to rub their noses in it by having fans know a games is going and not being able to watch it, and by making Inter turn the lights on and everything but have no fans come in to recoup the costs. Just my two cents, though; it's probably a lot more complicated than that.

I will say, though, watching a match on TV being played in an empty stadium is a bit of an eerie thing.

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