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Alright, another... gasp... ducks concept!


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Here you go:


C/P (you know the drill)

I tried to spice things up a bit.

I added more black, and I got rid of the yellow in the logo and the awful shoulder logos. I'm thinking of making a new Anaheim Secondary logo perhaps similar to the TML logo that Toronto has, but without the serifs, and the A being much bigger than the M & D. Oh well.



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I like it very much.  Nice trim with black as the main color.  Good Concept! :D

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I think that that concept is exactly the direction the ducks need to be thinking. As a cailfornia native, and Duck fan, i dread the idea of going to the arrowhead pond to see a Ducks home game and look on the ice and see thoses dark purple jerseys for home jerseys, when the white ones are soo much better and i wouldnt mind seeing some black on the purple home jerseys
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