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Tampa Titans Concept


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This is my first real try at a basketball concept. It is for a fantast team called the Tampa Titans. The colors are a mic of the bucs and the Lightning. The logo is a T with the top being a lighting bolt over a basketball. Comments are wanted.



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Nice work, JKR. Real nice.

Is the logo on the lower hem of the shorts going to be visible? It looks like it's right up against the inseam, which means it'll be on the inner, inner thigh. It'll get lost when someone's running in the shorts.

Triple-outlined lettering/numbering may get awfully pricey. The wordmark and numbers stand out enough without needing both silver AND black.

Those minor critiques aside, I like 'em a lot.

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Outstanding work! A couple of suggestions. Move the front numbers over slightly so that they bisect the last letter of the wordmark. I think you'll find it will balance better with the lightning bolt-T. More of a baseball-type placement.

And on the shorts, pull back the angle of the bottom bar of the bolt. This will easily allow you to put the leg logo more in the center and not have the "T" interfere with the side trim. :D:notworthy:

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