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  1. It would be weird having a 5-team pseudo-league; is there any chance there are some games played against central teams (Iowa, Texas, Milwaukee, etc.)--or less likely--are there going to be more than 5 teams on the West Coast? What should happen is for Vancouver to move their AHL franchise out of Utica, NY and out to the west. This would create a six-team Western Division for the AHL. Making a schedule would be a piece of cake. Surprised all of the cheap suits in Springfield and NHL HQ didn't think of it. Utica would be more suited to the ECHL and would have closer in-state rivals like Elmira and it looks like Glens Falls.
  2. You're right.They were basically a pair of cut-off football pants complete with laced fly. When some of today's players wear their pants extremely short it reminds me of those. Sand-Knit and Russell Athletic both offered them for a few years. My store used to sell them.
  3. How come no knee socks for the AFC North? It's an NFL rule isn't it?
  4. Unpopular opinion alert: This and their brown over white are two of my favorite looks in the NFL. I actually prefer them over the orange pants. This is the Browns' best uniform. They don't need to mess with it. They need some better coaching and players.As to wearing White so often.....Can you say Cowboys?
  5. I'd love for the Blue Jays to be the Maple Leafs. And in 1946 Buffalo's three teams were all named Bisons. All-America Football Conference, International League baseball and American Hockey League. The football team became the Bills in 1947. The baseball and hockey teams continued until 1970 when the hockey team folded for the NHL Sabres and the baseball team moved to Winnipeg in mid-season. The baseball name was revived in 1977.
  6. You're right. Those Blue Bomber uniforms were classically elegant. No extra piping, goofy cartoon logos, unreadable numbers or truncating the stripes. And for the longest time they were made right in Winnipeg by Harv-Al Athletic Sportswear. Calgary's uniforms were sharp as well. Kind of reminiscent of SMU during the "Pony Express" era. Great looks for both clubs.
  7. Ry, sorry it took so long to respond to your July, 2012 post. The sleeve striping is what is referred to as the "Utah" striping.

  8. Fantastic work. Is there any reason that you have no script lettering? The variations on block-style lettering are great but you need a script name just to break things up a bit. My favorite team is the Birmingham Colonels. But shouldn't a colonel have an eagle on his epaulets instead of general's stars?
  9. I was going to mention the Leafs until I remembered their first Edge set. The lack of hem stripes and the overdone number outlines really do push that set into "bad" territory, in my opinion. The Ballard uniforms were pretty bad, too. Agree. Pal Hal screwed up more than the team on the ice. The crest, the uniforms. Everything he touched turned out badly.
  10. The graphic at the bottom of the jersey is located so low it will be mostly tucked in leaving only the spire showing. You do realize where this is going?
  11. Did you ever see the '79-'80 to '82-'83 Cardinal Red & Navy Blue Knicks uniforms with the wordmark below the almost NCAA-style numbers? They looked worse in real life than any computer mock-up of the style. Pretty bad and not a fan favorite.
  12. I agree with your assessment of uniforms like the Bengals, Pats and Cards. The only thing I like on any of them is the Cards numeral font. Reminds you of the late-1930s through the end of WWII. Other modern uniforms that I don't like are the Iggles "Midnight Green" and the way Detroit has added Black and uses an awful numeral font. Ditto for Pittsburgh's use of the italicized NCAA-style numerals. As to long sleeves-are you referring to the compression shirts with sleeve stripes a lot of players wear today? I don't like the super-short sleeves most players wear today and much prefer the striped and sometimes numbered compression tops either long or quarter-sleeve. Proper old-time sleeve stripes are something that I miss. Teams like the Browns, Packers and the Stillers looked better in their original uniforms. As to the Rams-horn jerseys-we saw those in advance at a Sand-Knit dealer seminar in NYC before they were introduced to the public and before Sand-Knit got the NFL contract. We also had a sample of the Dallas Cowboys first mesh jersey. It was made by Southland Athletic of Terrell, Texas, just east of Dallas. The body was made from Pro-Brite 100% Nylon Tricot Mesh with the 1/4 sleeves made frm Southland's No. 54 cloth which was 50% Nylon/50% urene Mercerized Cotton Plaited Fabric. The reason the sleeves were made this way was because the Cowboys wanted knit-in striping and you can't knit stripes into Tricot Mesh. All the numbers were tackle twill. Southland outfitted the Cowboys from 1960 through the 1980 season. Southland also made the original Brown & Gold uniforms for the Denver Broncos, the ones they bought from a defunct football organization.
  13. I visited the New Era plant in Derby, NY south of Buffalo a few years ago and saw caps being made. We were there on a cold, blustery January day. The wind coming in off of Lake Erie made the wind chill below zero. But here were the guys running the cap steamer working in tank tops or wife-beater T-shirts because the room was so hot. Talk about a sweat shop. This truly is one. And those caps are HOT when they come out of the steamer. Those guys really earn their money.
  14. Simple style guide for the Cleveland Browns. Orange logo-less helmet, Brown jerseys, White pants, Brown striped socks. Orange logo-less helmet, White jerseys, White pants, White striped socks. Not difficult to understand. End of discussion.
  15. Having grown up in a city where the AHL was the only pro sport in town, and Rochester was seemingly always the the team blocking the way to a championship, I grew up hating that shield logo, but I can't help but agree that it's the AHL's equivalent of the C-H. You can point to some mild aesthetic issues, but do you really think that a team with an iconic logo to go batcrap insane with their alternate? This was the realistic option, and it's not bad. Sounds like you're from Binghamton. There's a Broome Dusters sweater from 1979-80 shown on the Amerks' uniform history section. Check it out.