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OB33 celebrates post 300...


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That's right hitting the big 3-0-0 by redoing the Canada's favorite team. However, to make the concept work I changed the name from the Toronto Blue Jays to the Canada Jays. I don't really like the name but it's better than the Canada Blue Jays of Toronto. :P

WARNING: The following concept contains no graphite. But before Braden throws a full wine bottle at his computer I offer this as a cop-out.

(Don't be afraid scroll down)


And you can go here to see each jersey separately.

(It can't be worse than their current set. Right? Right???)



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(throws wine bottle at my computer)

I felt like doing that. Concept's alright.

I really like how the away jersey's that light blue.

Maybe it should be the Oshawa Jays... or the Dirty 'Shwa Dirty Birds.


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