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Baseball sigs, Part 2


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As an offshoot of the homerun counter thread, I present strikeout counter sigs for those who want to give the pitchers love as well. (And to keep these out of the other thread. ^_^ )

I'll also be taking requests for these as well in this thread, check this first post for updates.

So here we go, and don't forget to copy these to your own webspace, please:







REDS (new 5/30/05, 7:46 p.m.):


INDIANS (new 5/31/05):


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a cincy one? i know the team doesnt have much but their my team


ortiz - 18

claussen - 17

harang = 47

with the way my guys are playing this probably wont need to be updated often........

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How do you get the numbers to look like a digital clock?

They're drawn in the grey color, then flood-filled with whatever color you want.

BTW, nice work on the Jays one, Suigi. Might want to resize the player pics to 39x59, as I intended the black outline to function as a frame around the pictures.

Oh, and the Reds one is now up. Get it in my original post.

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Quick question:

Shouldn't we shrink the sig images just a teense?

They're breaking the borders.

EDIT: ChiSox are done. Should it be a grey background or white or black with a white scoreboard?


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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