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Oh great! Why such short notice? Was SEN trying to find somebody the last minute? So what were some of the things you were talking about?

Yeah, I think someone must have pulled out.

I was talking about some of the ugliest jumpers used, some of the dumb reasons teams changed designs/colours, and also what to do when teams jumpers look too similar.

Brisbane Bears (before they merged with the Lions) changed from maroon to cerise (hot pink) because the supporter merchandise (beanies and scarves) were produced in a dusky cerise colour. So the AFL changed the team's colours to cerise.

Can you imagine, say, the Houston Texans changing the red in their red white and blue because the company that makes the t-Shirts did them in pink?

Clash jumpers. As you know, in AFL some teams have only ever worn one jumper, where other clubs have 2 or more.

My suggestion is for teams that have introduced a design that is un-useable in games with one or more of the other teams should be made to introduce an alternate for those games.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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