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Sharks jerseys?


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Are the San Jose Sharks going to use their almost all black alternate jerseys as their regular home jersey in favour of the ones they used last season (then road jerseys?) They presented their draft pick with a black jersey at the draft, and everyone let that slide, but I was browsing the CCM women's line of jerseys, and it has the black jersey listed as SJ's home jersey, and has all the other jerseys listed correctly. (ie, no Colorado third or bruins third in place of home jersey). Has anyone heard anything about this?

Here's the link to the Shark jersey:


and, just toggle the 22 with the numbers 1-28 to look at the other jerseys and their correctness.

Phoenix and Calgary are absent, but we already know why that is.



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The thirds are not officially being dropped, but might be like the black alternates the A's and Giants have...not using them but are still apart of the style guide.

There was word that the Sharks were to nix their practice-like 3rd jerseys with a rip off template of the Ranger 3rds this year.

The original design of it was made by former coach Darryl Sutter who wanted the original 3rd in 1998 (the Nike one) to be black.  Sharks said no and had to wait until 2001-02 to get the OK to wear the black duds.  When Sutter got fired, the Sharks wore them only 3 more times in compliance of the NHL's Third Jersey Program rule.  The rule states that a third jersey can be worn a minimum 8 games but not exceed 15.  Current Sharks coach ron Wilson, knows about the bad luck with them, hence why they were rarely used.  Rumor has it since no game worn thirds are available to the public, that they are recycling them through the seasons.

To answer the original question, no the Sharks won't go to black.   It really wouldn't make sense for Team Teal to become the Men in Black.  If it had a little more teal more fans would buy it now.  Sales of it were huge when it came out, but now, zippo.

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