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When did they use white for the Assistant Captain letter?


I always thought it was green? :therock:

since i'm a complete dallas stars useless information nerd, i've got the answer.

that was from a preseason game. that particular game had almost zero NHL regulars, and the stars didn't want to give a captains letter to a rookie.

preseason is the only time that pierre ever wore a captain's letter... he was never really a fan favorite, or a favorite of management...

and it's common for laziness in preseason on different things like captain's letters... like the wings use different nameplates as well, in the preseason.

either way, to answer the question, since pierre never wore a captain's letter with dallas, that was from a preseason game. i remember seeing the pic when it happened a few years ago, and i found it odd, because it's the only time i've ever seen a white captains letter on a white jersey. and i distinctly remember it happening in the preseason, which explains why a player that was never a stars captain is wearing a captains letter, in the wrong color :)

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Yeah it was the 2003-04 preseason and I guess the equipment managers forgot that the white jerseys were now the roads. The same thing happened to the Sharks Alyn McCauley.


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