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Pics from Falcons Training Camp


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Yeah, I hate the Falcons but unfortunately, when one lives near Atlanta, that's the only NFL game in town. Sooo...went out there last Saturday and posted pics here. Enjoy!

Move back to the Stupid-dome if you hate the Falcons... <_<


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Thanks, I really appreciate your kind words. Don't know if you scrolled down and clicked the March archives link but there are some pics from last years Saints-Falcons game.

As for moving back to New Orleans, forget it. I spent 17 years there and trust me, they wrote that saying "it's a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there" for places like it. However, having attended my first Saints game in 1969, I can't shake my loyalty to the Saints.


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Nice site and great pix Skyaa1 !

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Wow, very nice pics.. what type of camera? Digital?

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