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Pics from Saints-Packers at Lambeau


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Looks awesome. Im only 15, but man alive Id kill to go to Green Bay. One day I will :D

Sounds like you had fun, some cool pictures!

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No other team has fan support greater than the Packers have. Forget being a one-sport town, Green Bay is a one team town.

The pics are great. I'm happy you had the opportunity to experience the Lambeau mystique.


"One of my concerns is shysters show up and take advantage of people's good will and generosity".

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No, there was a long line and I decided to walk around instead. Next trip. The Saints play in GB in the regular season this year so that's a thought. Only problem is that regular season game tickets are astronomically priced. Which reminds me, check out seats.com, which is what Ticketmaster should be like.


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