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N R L's Goal Coast...

Brian in Boston

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National Rugby League's new Gold Coast expansion franchise has narrowed down potential identities for the club to three finalists: Pirates, Stingers andTitans.

After starting the process with hundreds of team name candidates, Gold Coast's management conducted a preliminary poll in which fans were asked to either choose from amongst ten semi-finalist identities or enter a "wild-card" name. Between them, Pirates, Stingers and Titans garnered 73.45% of the votes cast in the preliminary balloting, with team management stating that "the top three all polled with similar results".

The remaining seven candidates - and the top-polling "wild-card" entry - split the remaining 26.55% of the vote as follows:

Marlins - 8.2%

Rhinos - 6.3%

Ironmen - 4.1%

Breakers - 3.3%

Swell - 1.9%

Cardinals - 1%

Gladiators ("wild-card" write-in) - 1%

Rockz - 0.75%

Fans now have until August 17, 2005 to cast a vote for one of the three finalists. The final poll is being conducted at the NRL website, with the identity garnering the highest number of votes being selected as the Gold Coast expansion franchise's name.

NRL website

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None of them can top the Rabbitohs.

Speaking of the Rabbitohs...

Gold Coast's expansion bid trumped those of Wellington, New Zealand and the Central Coast of New South Wales. Apparently, NRL officials would love to see the sport establish more of a presence outside of Sydney and have gone so far as to offer monetary incentives to any Sydney-based side willing to move to Gosford on the Central Coast. While the NRL has said that no club will be forced to move, rumor has it that the Rabbitohs are seriously considering shifting their base of operations to Gosford.

Actually, I like the Titans of those three.

WARNING - CONSPIRACY THEORY: I think that either Gold Coast's management agrees with you or the Titans identity topped the semi-final polling, because on the team's website Titans is listed first, despite the fact that logic would dictate listing the remaining candidates in alphabetical order.

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None of them can top the Rabbitohs.  :D

Actually, I like the Titans of those three.

Let's just hope this team doesn't play like the Rabbitohs :D

I like Titans the best of all of them . But of all the other selections, I would have voted for Marlins.

I believe that the NRL wanted to get foothold on the Gold Coast considering the population base there and the potential threat of the AFL wanting to get into that market. But I'm not really sure about that. Maybe some of our aussie friends can shed some light on that....

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The quality of logos in RL has improved greatly... there were some classic old school logos but most teams have tastefully updated them.

The big thing is that they almost never change their colour schemes. Only Penrith and the NZ Warriors have changed completely, and Brisbane have added some navy to their maroon and gold.

The Gold Coast bid team used the temporary nickname of "Dolphins" with aqua and orange colour scheme to build local support, but they were always going to change it.

For those interested, previous Gold Coast ARL/NRL teams (which all failed) were called the Giants, Seagulls and Chargers.

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