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Texas A&M aussie rules


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I know one thing, if you could name the perfect school for Aussie rules, one of them would definitely be Texas A&M. For those unfamiliar with A&M, it's home to a cadre of the most riled-up cadets you'll ever see, and that includes the service academies. Heck, just ask the Rice band-on a couple occasions, them Aggies actually held said band hostage (I kid you not).

the collie used here is Reveille, the Aggie mascot

main and clash





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'Scrim. Bravo. Don't know about the black alt, only because I see the maroon and white (and the khaki you threw in) and I know what I am looking at. Their maroon is dark enough that you don't need black.

Being that it's a Texas school, and being that UT doesn't use the star, I would expect A&M to throw the Lone Star around on these. Reveille is good, the star would be better.

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