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Penguins concept


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I haven't seen a good way to meld Carolina blue with Vegas gold and black. They're just not working together. Similarly, melding the current jersey logo with the one it replaced (on the shoulders in your concept) is another idea people seem to like but never looks good. One logo replaced the other; putting them together defeats the purpose of one of them even existing!

Also - your penguins are different. The one in the primary logo has a different face, different gloves, and a scarf that the ones on the jerseys don't have.

I actually like the blue one, if you could get the gold out of it. But then, they'd be out of synch with the other Pittsburgh teams, and it looks so cool for all the teams in one city to wear the city's colors. Especially when the colors are so sharp looking together.

"Start spreading the news... They're leavin' today... Won't get to be a part of it... In old New York..."


In order for the Mets' run of 12 losses in 17 games to mean something, the Phillies still had to win 13 of 17.

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thanks D, as you can tell I am a rookie and I am just experimenting. I need practice and hopefully I will get better in the near future.

As for the "scarf logo", I didnt want it on the jersey, I was just seeing how the colors would mesh.....thanks for the input though!! :D

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also like I tell every penguins concept person:

the 90s logo and the old school logo are too far apart in concept. You have to pick old school or new school with the jersey--the two logos just can't exist together on the same work, imho.

The below to be updated once the newest banner is raised!
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